VC/PE Industry in Finland 2015

Finnish companies received over 1 billion Euros of VC/PE investments

Out of the 1,0 billion Euros invested in Finnish companies buyout-stage companies received 923 M€ (593 M€) and venture capital stage companies 122 M€ (124 M€).

Venture capital investments in Finnish companies, in relation to the GDP, is the highest in Europe

The investments in Finnish startups and early stage growth companies was the highest in Europe and over twice the European average. Measured by 2010-2014 average, venture capital investments in Finnish companies topped the list also in the longer term, right after Sweden.

The role of private sector investors growing stronger in early stage investments

Finnish private sector venture capital investments have increased from 39 M€ in 2011 to 88 M€ in 2015. Direct investments from public sector venture capital investors have decreased from 38 M€ to 25 M€ during the same time period.

Summary 2015

  • Finnish VC/PE firms’ year-end capital under management was 6,0 billion Euros (5,7 B€).
  • Finnish VC/PE firms invested 527 million Euros (570 M€) in 252 companies (293).
  • In total 240 Finnish companies (281) received investment from local or international VC/PE firm. 92 (107) of these companies got first time an investment from VC/PE firm.
  • Finnish and international VC/PE firms exited 99 (75) Finnish companies.